How to Format price in Magento?

There are a couple of methods to format price in Magento. The easiest and most used is:

For Example:

Sometimes you don’t need currency symbols in your prices,…

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Magento: Getting the admin panel URLs

A page in Magento’s administration panel works similar to front-end pages, there is an admin controller for each of all pages in the admin panel. The controller resides in the…

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How to limit failed login attempts on Laravel Auth?

Did you know that Laravel Auth program allows you to prevent the customer after X bad tries to log in? Even more, you can modify that limit! Open App\Http\Controllers\Auth\AuthController.php and…

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How to Reset MySQL Root Password?

If you have lost your MySQL root password then don’t worry, Here are few easy steps which will help you to recover MySql root password. 1. Stop all the MySQL…

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How To Import and Export Databases From Terminal

Export MySql Database To Export MySql database, open up terminal and remember that you are not logged into MySQL. Now use below command to export Database:

Import MySql Database…

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How To Create a New User and Grant Permissions in MySQL

Create a New User in MySql: First access the MySQL shell by typing the following command into terminal:

After entering the root MySQL password into the prompt, you will…

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WP_Query Tutorial: Retrieve Any Post Using With WP_Query

WP_Query is your buddy, it allows you to get content from the database according to your requirements. You can retrieve all posts from only one category that contain certain tags…

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WordPress: Create WP_Query with “post_title LIKE ‘param%’”?

This is most often asked a question by WordPress developers. Here are a few easy steps to resolve this problem. One way to perform this operation is :


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WordPress: WP_Query – An Introduction

By default, WordPress will run a query on each page that site displays, the nature of which will be identified by the kind of web page being viewed. But sometimes…

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