Laravel 5 – Simple SPA CRUD Application Using ReactJS (Part 2)

Laravel 5 – Simple SPA CRUD Application Using ReactJS (Part 1)

In the second part, we will install and configure ReactJs.

Step 6: Install Configuration For ReactJS
We need to run following command for React Preset.

Now we need to install react-router dependency using the following command on terminal.

Next, we need to run npm install to install all js dependencies.

Step 7: Create React Components Files
Let’s create following React Components.









Step 8: Create Main Blade File
In this step, we have to create just one main blade. So mainly we have to create a layout file. So finally you have to create the following bellow blade file:


Step 9 : Run Project
Now in the last step, we have to just run our crud application so just run following command for react js compile:

Now, all the steps are complete. Open the project in the web browser.

Laravel 5 – Simple SPA CRUD Application Using ReactJS (Part 1)

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